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"My recruiter at Mondo provided real-world, constructive feedback, and throughout the process the offered exceptional guidance and reassurance, ensuring that I was well-prepared for each stage. It was clear that his work is less about filling an open role; it's more about building relationships and contributing to the success of both the candidate and the client company.

Mondo is the most highly professional group of recruiters I have ever come across."

Gene W. Consultant

"I have to tell you that working with my rep is an absolute pleasure. Not only does she work her butt off to get us what we need she is committed to our success. I have worked with companies like this in the past & I will tell you my rep is my go-to & the reason I only work with Mondo. She is truly a part of my team & has become a friend & confidant over the last couple of years. I am more thankful for her than anything else because I could not build this team & be as successful as I am without her."

David F. Chief Information Security Officer

"Today, I was offered a full-time position within an organization after contracting through Mondo for around 9 months and wanted to let you know how great my experience with Mondo was and how much I appreciate the opportunity. Specifically, the ability to never worry about on-time payment as a contractor was fantastic, as well as any contact I had with your staff. If anything were to change in the future I’d happily contract through Mondo again in a heartbeat."

David P. Consultant

"Thank you for making it easy for me to be a good partner. We just had to pause the onboarding of an intern staffing vendor because we have been back and forth for almost 12 months trying to get the agreement signed. I have spent just as much or more time with them as I have with Mondo this year and they haven't filled a role or even submitted a candidate yet, so when I say thank you for making it easy I'm not joking."

Patrick P. Head of Cyber Technology

"I was recently placed by a Mondo rep in the interview process for a position at a computer software company. She was nothing short of amazing and I have never received an offer so fast. She was communicative and gave me so much insight into the role while also showing compassion for her own. I wish I could put into words how grateful I am."

Karina J. Consultant

"I cannot overstate how grateful I am for the support and assistance. Your reps' proactive approach, attention to detail, and commitment to ensuring a positive outcome truly made a difference. Working with them was not only productive but also enjoyable, and I am incredibly thankful for their efforts. In essence, my experience with them exemplifies the exceptional service and professionalism that Mondo consistently delivers."

Charlotte B. Consultant

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