Community Manager Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of a Community Manager varies from one location to the next, some of the most common responsibilities include:

  • Social media marketing and interaction with clients and customers
  • Public relations and events planning
  • Customer relations
  • Analytics in regards to social media and often SEO
  • Assisting with business development

Community Manager Experience Needed

As the face of the company in many circles, the Community Manager not only needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in anything from computer science to public speaking, they need to have experience with:

  • Social media on a range of different platforms
  • Working odd hours
  • The given industry and public speaking
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Public relations
  • In addition to having an outgoing personality to interest external clients

Community Manager Salary

The average salary for a Community Manager averages around $57,000. This greatly depends on the size of the company, the location and length of time the professional has served as a CM.


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