Big data is problematic, yet invaluable. Companies need it to generate BI insights that drive growth and boost ROI, but analyzing that data, as well as identifying which cloud solution is most compatible and offers the storage options you need along with additional security and infrastructure services, is a problem for many companies. That’s where the qualified BI, big data, and cloud talent we partner with comes in.With years of experience analyzing big data through the latest technologies, deriving insights that improve business offerings or services, reducing overhead costs, and developing, engineering, and maintaining private, public, and hybrid cloud models, the skilled talent in our network has the expertise you need to strengthen your BI, big data, and cloud efforts. Whether you need to hire Data Analysts to provide the best BI solutions for your business or AWS Developers or Consultants to develop and maintain applications on the cloud, we’ll connect you with the qualified talent you’re missing.
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Netezza, Cognos, Apache Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, GreenPlum DB, SAS, Salesforce, SAP, JDA

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