When it comes to managing creative projects and products, standard project management skills simply aren’t enough. Even the definition and responsibilities of Creative Project Managers or Digital Product Managers differ greatly from team to team and company to company depending on your specific needs. The disruption resulting from new technologies further complicates hiring high-end, creative project management talent as experts are constantly evolving to embrace new technologies, processes, and best practices.  As a leading creative staffing agency, we understand the nuance needed to match you with the niche creative project management talent you’re missing. The creative consultants and full-time talent we partner with excel at creating environments where creativity thrives. From cross-departmental collaboration to managing abrupt changes, facilitating collaboration between creatives as well as clients, defining budgets, prioritizing needs, and tracking and reporting on crucial KPIs, while also maintaining a clear vision of the big picture, our exclusive creative and digital PM talent has the experience to enhance your next creative project or product process and drive results.   Whether you’re looking to hire Creative Product Managers to oversee short-term product development needs or are looking for an urgent solution to a full-time Creative Project Manager talent gap on your team, we’ve got you covered. Never miss a deadline again and elevate the processes behind the creative project and product development at your company with the unparalleled talent available in our exclusive network.
Brand Manager, Business Analyst, Digital Producer, Digital/Interactive Project Manager, Creative Product Manager, Creative Project Coordinator, Creative Project Manager, Interactive Producer, Integrated Producer, Proposal Writer, Traffic Coordinator, Traffic Manager
Technologies & Platforms
InDesign, Photoshop, Sketch, Framer, GitHub, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Workamajig, JIRA, Excel, Sitecore, AEM, Scoro, Podio, Redbooth

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