The impact of customer experience (CX) on your bottom line has never been more apparent given the current environment of viral customer reviews on social media and the demand for a responsive, prioritized experience for each customer. Failing to provide proactive communication to customer complaints or questions through a closed-loop system or monitoring the end-to-end experience of all customer personas can rapidly escalate to irreparable damage to your brand, especially your bottom line. Our digital marketing recruiters recognize the impact customer experience talent has on your business, which is why we are committed to matching you with the high-end CX Specialists you need. Whether you are facing an urgent skills gap on your CX team or are looking to expand your customer experience department, we’ve got your CX hiring needs covered.  The exclusive CX talent in our network specialize in all areas of the customer experience journey, ranging from conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses of customer feedback using the latest CX platforms, translating results of your NPS into actionable insights, communicating directly with customers, to mapping out an entirely new customer experience from end-to-end. Whether you need to hire a CX Manager, fill a short-term CX skills gap, or hire CX Specialists, our creative marketing staffing services are especially suited to find the right fit for your customer experience needs the first time around.
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NPS, VOC, CRM, Magento, Salesforce, Hubspot, Qualtrics Customer Experience, SurveyMonkey CX, Intouch Insight, Zoho CRM, Medallia, Tealead, Satmetrix, ResponseTek, ClickTale, Adobe Experience Manager, Kana, Clarabridge, SAS Adaptive Customer Experience, Gemius, UK360, Usability Tools, UserZoom

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