In late 2016, Yahoo revealed they were the victim of the largest cyber breach of all time: Data from over 1 billion of their user accounts was stolen. This is every company’s worst nightmare considering your sensitive data is your most valuable, yet vulnerable asset. As hackers continue to refine and develop their skills and launch more sophisticated attacks as technology advances, the only way to remain protected is to build out a cybersecurity team that defends against these types of attacks and minimizes risk.  Today, the greatest cybersecurity threats facing companies are attacks on vulnerable cloud services, compromised websites serving malicious content, social media identity theft, scareware and rogue anti-viruses, botnets, and geospatial attacks. With extensive experience in intrusion detection, secure software development, attack mitigation, and the implementation of security protocols that enhance business operations, the professionals in our network are especially qualified to elevate the cybersecurity efforts at your company. From Cybersecurity Engineers to Network Security Administrators, we have exclusive access to the niche talent you need to better protect your bottom line.
Security Operations Center Analyst, Network Security Administrator, Network Security Engineer, Application Security Engineer, Cybersecurity Engineer, Security Specialist, Security Architect, Cybersecurity Incident Responders, Application Security Manager, Malware Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst, IS Security Manager, IS Audit Analyst, Information Security Analyst
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WordPress, SQL, Linux, NetAPP, Juniper, Cognos, Cloudflare

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