Cybersecurity Engineer Job Responsibilities:

Cybersecurity Engineers are responsible for all aspects of a company’s electronic security. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Providing security for a company’s computer networks, databases, and websites
  • Identifying threats to the electronic security of the company
  • Working in a team to solve security issues and identify threats

Cybersecurity Engineer Experience Needed:

Exact qualifications for a Cybersecurity Engineer can vary. Typical candidates, however, will have:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity Engineering or a similar field
  • Ability to work with diverse members of a Cybersecurity team, as well as other company staff
  • At least one year of experience with Cybersecurity issues. In some cases, education may be substituted for experience
  • Extensive experience with a previous company’s network, website, and software

Cybersecurity Engineer Salary:

The average salary range for a Cybersecurity Engineer is heavily dependent on the size and location of the company. Positions tend to start around $60,000 a year, but salaries quickly increase with experience.


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