Today, companies are receiving more data than ever before. Consumer data especially is incredibly valuable to a business, but many lose out on the opportunities this mass store of data can provide by lacking the big data analytical skills needed to decipher it into actionable insights. That’s where Data Scientists come in. By choosing to hire Data Scientists, you enable your business to fully utilize the overwhelming data you have access to and decipher it resulting in smarter business decisions, better understanding of customer behaviors, improved UX, more revenue, and much more.

Why Hire Data Scientists?

A Data Scientist is similar in many ways to a Data Analyst, but differs in the overall scope of data they are examining and their ability to not only spot trends or problems in data but highlight the most important for a given business. Here are a few typical job responsibilities of a Data Scientist:

  • Explore and examine data from multiple sources or areas
  • Work through big data to uncover hidden insights, trends, or issues
  • Use the data to uncover customer pain points, habits, and buying trends and use that info to drive conversion, sales, traffic, and further business goals
  • Be able to answer data specific questions and solve data proble

Data Scientist Experience Needed:

The Data Scientist takes the analytical role and goes beyond it

  • Be a data-driven problem solver
  • Software engineering background
  • Able to visualize and communicate data in a digestible and understandable format
  • Background in advanced mathematics and statistics especially
  • Be familiar with machine learning methods
  • Experience in a statistical programming language or software like Python and SQL
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field (math, computer science, statistics)

Data Scientist Salary:

The average salary range for Data Scientists is between $99,000 and $152,000 based on the experience and qualifications of the candidate and the size of the business.


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