eCommerce is no longer the high-tech sibling of the traditional retail sector; it has become the retail sector. In 2016, for the first time ever, consumers did more of their shopping online than in-person. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Which is why demand for highly skilled eCommerce talent is rapidly increasing as businesses of all sizes look to improve and elevate their offerings through the hottest eCommerce platforms, like Shopify and Demandware.  With a wide range of plug-ins, salesforce integration, and flexible deployment options available, the latest eCommerce platforms offer more than just an enhanced UX. The expert-level talent you need will implement customer data integration, analytics, and personalization, improve website performance, increase customer acquisition and retention, integrate Salesforce CRM, and provide behavior-based insights for more effective segmentation/targeting, among many other responsibilities, through the highly customizable platform that best fits your business needs.  While the marketplace may be flooded with so-called eCommerce “experts,” truly qualified talent is hard to navigate through. Whether you’re looking for a Demandware Developer to better integrate the tech to meet your business goals or a Front-End Developer to modernize and simplify the look of your site, we’ll connect you with the high-end, eCommerce talent you need now.
eCommerce Developer, eComm Marketing Consultant, Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer, UX/UI Designer, Digital Marketing Manager, Demandware Developer, Salesforce Developer, Magento Developer, SQL Server DBA, WooCommerce Developer, WordPress Developer
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