MarTech, also known as Marketing Technology, is no longer just a buzzword. Today, it’s an urgent hiring need as companies looking to produce targeted experiences specific to each consumer’s interests, behaviors, and preferences through an effective MarTech stack. As a result, demand for Tech-based Marketing skills has risen rapidly as innovative companies look to enhance their stacks and hire the MarTech talent they need to fully utilize these tech-based solutions. The explosive growth of the industry from 150 companies in 2011 to a projection of 5,000+ companies in 2018 showcases the growing demand for these tech-driven solutions and stacks from forward-thinking Digital Marketing departments looking to boost productivity and generate more effective strategies. However, this massive growth reveals the state of constant evolution within MarTech, which is why more and more companies struggle to organize, manage, and refine, an effective, ROI-generating stack for their Digital Marketing needs.  From making high-level decisions on which tech-driven solutions will be most impactful to integrate to the actual integration of these solutions with effective cross-departmental communication and data sharing, we have the MarTech talent you need. In addition to high-level talent like Marketing Solutions Architects and MarTech Consultants, our exclusive talent network also includes the solution-specific experts you need to best utilize tech-driven solutions like Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Magento, and more.  When it comes to hiring for MarTech, length of roles are a major differentiator. Our national offices are ready and waiting to fill your urgent, contract-based needs. However, full-time roles are especially difficult to fill thanks to the recent emergence and demand for these skills from a limited talent pool. Which is why we established MondoX, our perm, full-time staffing center of excellence specializing exclusively in full-time MarTech hiring needs. Centrally-located in Chicago with national reach, MondoX matches companies with the full-time, MarTech talent necessary help spur business growth through a team of experienced and extensive professional Technical Recruiters.   Isn’t it time you got the most out of your MarTech stack? Partner with us to get matched with the exclusive, in-demand talent you need to drive results and reach your long-term business goals.
Chief Marketing Technologist, Marketing Technologist, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Director, MarTech Business Analyst, Marketing Automation Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, Marketing Automation Architect, Marketing Automation Lead, Marketing Solutions Architect, Marketing Operations Specialist, MarTech Consultant
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Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, Salesforce, WordPress, Google Analytics, Pardot, Sitecore, Microsoft CRM, Magento, Omniture, Tableau, Silverpop, ExactTarget, Google AdWords, Demandware, ATG, Qlikview, Informatica, Hootsuite, Drupal

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