Strategic media planning and buying campaigns are a crucial element of all top-performing brands. Understanding how and where to deliver a client’s or company’s advertising messaging to reach as many consumers in the target demographic possible and drive conversions is a fundamental element of marketing strategies in today’s ad-dominated digital world. And it’s only getting more challenging for brands to make lasting impressions on consumers in highly competitive and overcrowded media channels. That’s where our experienced media planning and buying talent comes in. The Media Planners and Media Buyers our digital marketing recruiters connect with come equipped with the specialized expertise you need in the media channels that matter most to your target audience. If you need to expand paid social campaigns, adjust your SEM bidding strategy to optimize conversions, or revamp your print and TV advertising strategy, we have the media planning talent you’re missing.  From ad copy A/B testing to negotiating and purchasing media, sponsorships, and product placements, optimizing ad performance against campaign goals and KPIs, and assisting in strategic development and implementation of client programs across the best mix of paid social campaign types, our exclusive media talent does it all. Hire a team of Media Planners/Buyers or hire a Media Manager through our creative marketing staffing services to enhance your media planning and buying strategy today.  
Digital Media Planner and Buyer, Sr. Media Buyer/Planner, Media Buyer, Media Planner, Media Coordinator, Media Director, Brand Planner, Brand Strategist, Jr. Media Buyer, SEM Planner/Buyer, Media Manager, Social Media Buyer, Media Analyst
Technologies & Platforms
Facebook Ad Manager, LinkedIn Ad Center, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google AdWords, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, YouTube, Media Channels (TV, Cable, Radio, Print, Digital), Strata, WordPress, Nielsen, Google DoubleClick, Bionic, Advantage, SRDS, Comscore

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