There’s a reason Google is worth $500 billion. Today, search is everything. So, how can your company get found and benefit through search? Turns out it’s much harder than adding in a few keywords or buying ads on social media. That’s where the highly skilled organic and paid search talent in our network comes in. To boost your web presence and increase website traffic through SEO and SEM you need a team of experts to keep up with the frequent search engine algorithm updates, trends, and changes. You’ll also need specialists that understand the PPC model and contextual advertising, including the latest semantic targeting. Improving your SEO and SEM strategies results in an higher SERP rankings, improved paid search targeting, and a larger online presence. Meaning your company gets found by consumers faster. AKA more traffic, more clicks, more engagement, and more sales.  Search marketing continuously changes as technology evolves. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa have led to a rise in voice and mobile search which has changed the way search engines display results. Google now understands the intent behind a search query rather than just prioritizing pages that include the keywords used. New technologies and analytical tools like Google Analytics and HubSpot make it easier than ever before for companies to track rankings in SERPs, the effectiveness of specific keywords, and the impact of various paid search campaigns. To best utilize and implement the latest SEO/SEM tools, strategies, and updates, you need a dedicated team of search experts. Whether you’re looking for short-term SEO/SEM improvements through a Search Consultant or you want to bring in a Search Engine Marketing Manager to build a team of experts, we have the search talent you need now.
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