Today, data is everything, even when it comes to creative & digital marketing strategy. It’s the key to understanding customer interactions with your brand to improve the customer journey and drive leads. Companies today often lack or overlook the critical role high-end marketing analytics talent plays in measuring marketing funnel performance, identifying actionable insights, defining and building automated reported processes to drive revenue growth through A/B testing analysis and enhanced campaign analysis.  Tracking the number of visitors to your website doesn’t cut it anymore, and our niche marketing strategy consultants understand this. Our Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Web Analytics Management talent come equipped with the experience needed to build attribution models through all types of engagement, from first-touch vs. last-touch, view-through vs. click-through, cross-device, to enable actionable insights and drive revenue growth. To identify these analytics and deliver the insights you’re lacking, you need data-driven experts familiar with the intricacies and best practices of the latest marketing analytics technologies and platforms, like Google Search Console, Tableau, and HubSpot. Whether you’re looking for creative analytics and strategy talent to partner with your Data Engineering department to integrate an analytics infrastructure that supports key marketing data needs or need to hire a Marketing Analytics Consultant to develop analytical tools and enable day-to-day adoption of dashboards through training, partner with our digital marketing recruiters to source the talent you’re after.
Analytics Manager, BI Engineer, BI Analyst, Big Data Analyst, Creative Strategist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Entry Specialist, Data Scientist, Digital Strategist, Marketing Data Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Marketing Analytics Manager, Marketing Intelligence Manager, Marketing Reporting and Analytics Manager, User Researcher, Web Analytics Consultant, Web Analytics Manager
Technologies & Platforms
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Tableau, Salesforce, Google AdWords, MicrosoftCRM, HubSpot, Crazyegg, Moz, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, Google Search Console, SQL, Big Query, Domo, Alteryx, Adobe Analytics

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