The Benefits of Hiring Faster: Why Speed is Crucial

You need high-end, hard-to-find talent and you need it now. However, your lengthy hiring process could be negatively impacting your ability to hire the Tech and Digital Marketing talent you’re after.

The average length of the job interview process in the US sits at 23.8 days — and that’s just the national average. Other reports show that it can take up to 8 weeks to recruit for highly skilled Tech roles. 

If your hiring process lasts several weeks or longer, it’s time to reevaluate it. Discover the benefits of hiring faster and learn why speed is crucial to netting your teams the hires they need.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Faster

The benefits of prioritizing a quick and efficient hiring process can range from up-front cost savings and access to in-demand talent to higher acceptance rates from candidates.

  1. Save on up-front costs
  2. Save ongoing costs
  3. Access to higher-quality candidates
  4. Higher acceptance rates
  5. Net high-end talent

1. Hire faster to save on up-front costs

One of the top benefits of hiring faster is the money and valuable resources your business will save.

Shortening the length of your hiring process reduces the amount of time hiring managers and HR or hiring departments have to spend recruiting, researching, and screening candidates.

It also limits the amount of time hiring managers and team members that work directly with the available role have to spend interviewing, which, as we all know, is valuable time spent away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

2. Hire faster to save ongoing costs

There’s also the ongoing cost of your unfilled role to consider.

Depending on the role, you may have to supplement the vacancy by expanding the workloads of your other employees, outsourcing to freelancers, or pushing back releases of new software or products — costing your business revenue and money.

By hiring faster, you’ll save on valuable resources, like your hiring managers time, and the costs associated with the vacant role.

3. Hiring faster gives you access to higher-quality candidates

Highly qualified talent isn’t on the market for long, especially when it comes to in-demand Digital Marketing and Tech professionals.

A common problem many hiring managers and departments face is that by the time the decision is made, and a candidate is fully approved and cleared, the candidate is no longer interested or available due to increased demand for their niche skill sets. 

Having a longer interview process means you risk losing high-end candidates to competitors.

Limiting the interview process to a few days or weeks rather than a month or longer ensures the high-quality talent you’re most interested in is still available once the final decision is made.

4. Hiring faster can lead to higher acceptance rates

Along with access to higher quality hires, another one of the top benefits of hiring faster is potentially higher acceptance rates from candidates.

The faster and more efficient your hiring process, the fewer offers you’ll have to compete with to land the high-end Digital Marketing or Tech expert you want.

If they don’t have time to interview or explore opportunities elsewhere during the hiring process, then they’ll be more likely to accept the job offer you extend.

While a longer hiring process will give the decision makers at your business more time to fully agree on a hire, it could result in more back and forth with the candidate in terms of negotiations or a rejected job offer.

5. Net high-end talent by hiring faster

When it comes down to it, your available Tech or Digital Marketing role is often an immediate need, which means you can’t afford the 23 to 60 days your hiring process entails to fill the vacancy.

By hiring faster, you’ll be able to net the high-end, in-demand talent you need as soon as you need it, rather than months after the role becomes available.

This urgency is especially crucial with hiring needs for Tech-related projects or Digital Marketing campaigns that often have preset deadlines or launch dates with no room for delays.

Making your hiring and recruitment process faster

While additional screening elements have lengthened the hiring process of companies across the board, there are invaluable benefits to prioritizing speed when it comes to filling in-demand Tech and Digital Marketing roles.

Now that you understand the benefits to hiring faster, like access to higher quality candidates and cost savings, or the why, if you will, it’s time to learn how to update your hiring process to increase speed without sacrificing quality in the second part of this blog series.

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