8 Top-Paid Digital Marketing Strategy Jobs, Plus Salaries

Digital marketing is an invaluable tool that can be used to great success if utilized correctly.

With dozens of transferrable skills, jobs in digital marketing strategy provide many opportunities to make a substantial salary.

And for those looking to break into this field, there are a variety of positions available in the industry that can provide challenging and fulfilling careers.

Explore 8 top-paid digital marketing strategy jobs along with salary ranges so you can have a better understanding of what career options are available.

What is digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is the process of targeting, engaging, and converting prospects in an online environment. It involves using a combination of tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, and email marketing to reach your target audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy Salaries by Position, Low & High

Account Executive$70,000$145,000
Account Director$90,000$120,000
Account Manager$48,000$115,000
Customer Success Manager$90,000$118,000
Digital Producer$87,000$157,000
Digital Project Manager$112,000$114,000
Digital Strategist$120,000$150,000
Digital Media Planner$95,000$100,000

Top-paid digital marketing strategy jobs

Account Executive Salary

The average salary range for an account executive is $70,000-$145,000.

Account Executives are the main point of contact for clients in the digital marketing sector.

They’re responsible for managing client relationships, setting up campaigns, and presenting reports to their team.

Account Executives should have excellent communication skills and be confident in their ability to present complex ideas.

Account Director Salary

The average salary range for an account director is $90,000-$120,000.

Account Directors manage the delivery of client campaigns and are responsible for ensuring that all deliverables are met on time.

They’re also expected to provide strategic guidance to their team and serve as an adviser to Account Executives.

Account Directors should have excellent organizational skills, and be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Account Manager Salary

The average salary range for an account manager is $48,000-$115,000.

Account Managers coordinate between clients, agencies, and internal teams.

They’re responsible for setting up campaigns, maintaining relationships with clients, and tracking performance metrics.

Account Managers should have excellent customer service skills, as well as the ability to think strategically and quickly problem solve.

Customer Success Manager Salary

The average salary range for a customer success manager is $90,000-$118,000.

Customer Success Managers are responsible for helping customers get the most out of their digital marketing strategy in a marketing agency capacity.

They work with customers to create effective digital strategies, monitor performance metrics, and provide guidance on best practices.

Customer Success Managers should have excellent communication and analytical skills, as well as an understanding of digital marketing trends.

Digital Producer Salary

The average salary range for a digital producer is $87,000-$157,000.

Digital Producers are responsible for executing digital campaigns in collaboration with various teams including creative, technology, and production.

They’re expected to manage projects, take ownership of timelines, and ensure that quality standards are met.

Digital Producers should have excellent organizational skills and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

Digital Project Manager Salary

The average salary range for a digital project manager is $112,000-$114,000.

Digital Project Managers spearhead the execution of digital marketing strategy projects from inception to completion.

Their responsibilities encompass initiating campaigns, overseeing budgets, and guaranteeing that timelines are adhered to.

They should possess excellent problem-solving abilities and be at ease collaborating with multiple teams simultaniously.

Digital Strategist Salary

The average salary range for a digital strategist is $120,000-$150,000.

Digital Strategists help clients create effective strategies for achieving their digital marketing goals.

They’re expected to research markets, analyze competitors, and formulate plans for success.

Digital Strategists should have excellent research skills, and be able to think strategically.

Digital Media Planner Salary

The average salary range for a digital media planner is $95,000-$100,000.

Digital Media Planners are responsible for researching and selecting the best platforms for targeting customers.

They also create ad campaigns, monitor performance metrics, and optimize campaigns as needed.

Digital Media Planners should have an understanding of digital marketing platforms and be comfortable working with analytics.

The future of digital marketing strategy jobs

Digital marketing strategy jobs are a great way to break into the digital marketing field as a whole and earn competitive salaries.

By understanding the top-paid positions in this area, you can be better prepared to pursue your career goals and make informed decisions when accepting job offers.

With the right qualifications and experience, you’ll be well on your way to success in digital marketing strategy.

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