83 percent of millennials in a recent survey reported they were more productive and engaged at companies that fostered inclusive work cultures and promoted professional growth. It’s clear that for businesses like yours to remain competitive and successful, you must learn how to not only include but also empower the women on your teams by creating an inclusive Tech workplace.

Why Prioritize Inclusivity?

It’s safe to say that the competitive, fast-changing, modern workforce can be a challenging environment for anyone. Yet, for women working in male-dominated industries like IT, these challenges make it more difficult for them to succeed in Tech and Digital Marketing roles.

Creating an inclusive Tech work environment empowers the women who are on your IT, Tech, and Digital marketing teams, and will also allow your company the ability to tap into the largest single economic force in the world: American women. A survey by Catalyst revealed that women control around 73 percent of all household spending in the U.S. In other words, if your business avoids learning how to create inclusive spaces, you’ll miss out on hiring in-demand talent, which will then make it challenging for you to successfully market to and attract this large demographic.

Despite the fact that 82 percent of men in a recent study think their company spends enough time addressing diversity and inclusion, women only make up a quarter of the nation’s IT roles, and only 11 percent of the C-suite of fortune 500 companies. If more companies were working towards creating inclusive spaces, it stands to reason there would be more women in Tech given that 28 percent of women have B.S. degrees in computer science. Your business will need to prioritize inclusivity to make sure the women you’re looking to attract and retain feel like there’s a safe space for them where they can grow professionally.

How to Empower Women and Create an Inclusive Tech Workplace 

Words like inclusive, intersectionality, and diversity are more than just buzzwords used in a good PR article. If your business wants to recruit top talent and remain competitive, it’s crucial you uncover ways to create an inclusive Tech workplace that empowers all of your workforce, especially women. Here a few practical strategies that can help:

Understanding Intersectionality:

Intersectionality is a key factor when looking to create a safe space that promotes professional growth for the women of your company. Hiring talent from underrepresented minorities won’t solve all of your internal culture problems, nor will it assist in supporting and empowering any of your business’s professionals. Intersectionality is a tool that will help you in understanding the complex and intricate systems of inequality that employees face while highlighting the specific and distinct needs of each. Your business will need to adopt an intersectional lens to craft an inclusive Tech workplace effectively.

Look to the C-Suite:

At 2018’s SXSW event, a panel discussed the inclusion and diversity issues Tech companies face across the nation, emphasizing that changes regarding inclusivity and diversity must start with leadership AKA the C-level suite. If you want your company to understand the importance of empowering women in Tech, your executives must show those at the top see the value in providing the support women need in order to create an inclusive Tech workplace. Once it’s clear your exec team believes diversity and inclusion aren’t soft skills but tools to increase your profitability, revenue, and retention rates, it’s more likely to trickle down into the field.

Learn How To Listen:

To understand how best to support and empower the women within your company one of the most important tools, which is often overlooked, is simply to listen. An employee’s experiences with co-workers and managers are more telling about your company’s inclusiveness than many other metrics. Hold more meetings, more 1-on-1’s, and provide other channels to open up honest communication. If you’re looking to empower your female employees you’ll need to be open to listening and receiving honest feedback, which means creating safe places for that feedback to be received.

Support Career Planning:

Many companies have found that career mapping and 1-on-1 mentorships have successfully helped empower and support the women that work for them. Companies like Intel, IMG, and Paypal all have established 1-on-1 mentorship programs where women are mentored and given a chance to carve out their own futures. Programs like these are effective because they allow women to fully realize their potential, and shows that the company is invested in their well-being and future. Simply put, when you invest in your employees, they will invest in your business.

If your business hasn’t cultivated an inclusive Tech workplace to empower women, you will need to do so soon to attract and retain the best talent available. Failing to do so will only further the industry-wide problem that is driving more and more women from careers in IT and Tech, along with negatively impacting your bottom line. If you’re looking to diversify the pool of high-end Tech talent applicants for your available roles, contact Mondo today. Our experienced recruiters can connect you with diversified Tech talent, and assist with crafting gender-neutral job postings.