4 Simple Ways To Protect Your Business Data Privacy

From the recent data breach of hundreds of government House members to the ransomware attack on UK Royal Mail, it’s clear our digital domains are the new battlefronts.

Although Tech companies have established and implemented various cybersecurity strategies, recent attacks on businesses like Saks Fifth Avenue, Best Buy, and Delta Airlines prove that no matter how large, companies are still vulnerable to emerging cyberattacks.

As a result, companies are now looking to better prepare themselves by creating both offensive and defensive strategies that can protect their business data.  

Strategies to protect your business data

Once your business has located the high-end cybersecurity talent needed, integrate strategies like implementing a patch plan, providing company-wide cybersecurity training, and investing in the latest AI security solutions to better protect your business data.

Implement a cybersecurity patch plan

The key to protecting your company is to ensure that your Tech professionals are keeping up with the latest software and hardware patch updates.

Of course, you aren’t a small Mom and Pop business or a tiny Tech startup, so your employee’s computers likely have firewall and antivirus programs installed.

However, only 35% of the Tech experts surveyed for a Google study on security procedures said updating and installing the latest patches were one of their top security practices.

In the age of instant gratification, the study revealed that many of your employees may not update because they don’t want to be interrupted from their tasks.

To protect your business data, you must develop and implement a patch plan, where your cybersecurity team can ensure all devices have downloaded the latest security patches available.

Educating employees by having company-wide times set aside solely for downloading patches every 3 to 4 months will help your Tech company avoid getting hit by a cyberattack, like the massive WannaCry hack, which targeted victims that failed to download the latest software update.

Provide quarterly company-wide cybersecurity training

When recruiting cybersecurity talent your Tech business will, of course, want to onboard candidates who have the best track records for protecting data against ongoing cyberattacks.

In spite of this, it’s important to remember the technology fueling these attacks and your business’s innovations are evolving constantly, which is why quarterly company-wide cybersecurity training is so necessary.

If you are always providing your Tech specialists with the latest updates on offensive and defense tactics, your business is less likely to make a security mistake.

Both big and small Tech companies have the responsibility to train their employees how to handle data appropriately for both their business and consumers.

Invest in emerging AI security solutions

As you’re well aware by now, AI technology is growing and expanding its capabilities every day.

Your business is likely already anticipating integrating this technology into your daily operations, so why not start by incorporating AI into your security plans?

In fact, many Tech businesses’ security could benefit from AI’s operational efficiency.

AI technology can power control systems, along with security video management, then process data from both.

The data collected is then used to understand how resources are managed and where and if there are any vulnerabilities, saving businesses time and money.

This emerging technology can be seen as an alternative for companies lacking the funds to onboard a full-time hire, yet still, need to increase their security efforts.

Create a business data security response plan 

Data breaches and hacks can have a significant impact on a company’s revenue, and the price only increases the bigger your Tech company is.

This is why one of the most productive strategies your company can use to protect your business data is creating a breach response plan.

You should view your response plan as a critical component of your cybersecurity policy that will ensure your business can properly respond to a data breach.

Response plans will help companies adequately secure stolen data, fix vulnerabilities and also notify the necessary individuals.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that businesses with data breach response plans in place are less likely to experience hacks.

Those with a plan in place will also have less information compromised and recover faster from attacks, minimizing the negative impact on their brand, business data, and revenue.

Common cybersecurity threats

Tech giants like Uber, Yahoo, and Equifax learned just how devastating and damaging cyberattacks can be to a company’s branding, culture, and productivity.

This is why today’s business execs are emphasizing the need for better security but also the need for an effective cybersecurity hiring plan.

Cybercrime damages are estimated to cost the world $6 trillion annually according to CSO’s State of Cybercrime report.

The findings make it clear that in the coming years, every Tech business will have its hands full protecting against cybersecurity threats.

The same report estimated that unfilled cybersecurity roles will triple. Evolving threats like phishing and cryptojacking, both attacks that can destroy companies’ digital and physical infrastructures, paired with the growing cybersecurity talent gap make it crucial you uncover strategies to protect your company while training employees on the latest security techniques that can help protect your business data.  

Protecting your business data privacy

It’s better to be prepared for an attack that may not happen than having to recover from an unexpected breach.

If your Tech business is looking for cybersecurity talent that can help safeguard and protect your business data, contact Mondo today.

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