According to Randstad’s Workplace 2025: The Post-Digital Frontier study, 80 percent of employees said a company’s use of emerging technologies directly influenced their decision to accept an offer. Meanwhile, 40 percent of those same respondents admitted they had quit a previous role because they didn’t have access to the latest digital tools. If you want your business to remain competitive, attract the best talent, and drive innovation, then you’ll need to create a tech-savvy workplace as we head into 2020.

Effective Strategies to Help Develop a Tech-Savvy Workforce

A recent Addison report revealed that when asked what they like most about working with other generations, more than 50 percent of respondents cited tech-savvy as the core attribute they valued most when working with Gen Z coworkers. It’s clear you need a tech-savvy workforce, but how should you go about it? Here are four effective strategies to help your business develop a workforce that lives and breathes tech to ensure your company’s future success in today’s tech-dominated world:

  • Lunch & Learns. Regardless of how you classify them, “Lunch & Learn” sessions or trainings where people from across your organization can meet in a less structured atmosphere to collaborate and learn can be very effective when building a tech-savvy workforce. Dynasti Hunt from EducationSuperHighway goes on to point out that these Lunch & Learn sessions are effective because employees are often more receptive to learning when given the opportunity to do so in an informal environment. So whether you get lunch catered or ask the team to brown bag it, schedule a monthly tech-driven informal training session providing tutorials and best practice tips on the latest tech tools to when looking to update your talent and develop a tech-savvy workforce.  
  • Security Investments. With new tech-driven solutions, platforms, and tools emerging virtually every day, it can be especially challenging to try to attract Gen Z talent while also learning how to develop a tech-savvy workforce when the technology itself keeps changing. A big part of digitizing your business and getting everyone on the same page when it comes to tech is educating employees on the best cybersecurity practices. Considering 40 percent of enterprise security breaches are caused by internal employees, there has never been a better time to step up your internal security training efforts. Have your IT team run trainings to go over proper security measures and improve your workforce’s knowledge of how to identify and avoid potential hacks and consider bringing in experts on a quarterly basis to conduct annual cybersecurity risk assessments to reassess the impact the trainings are having.
  • Trends Training. Let's face it, even your most experienced and in-demand professionals have skills that have a shelf-life. If your business wants to develop a tech-savvy workforce, then you will have to make sure your training programs revolve around the latest trends within emerging tech. The training you used a few years ago won't cut it, and refusing to update will likely mean your services and solutions will fall flat compared to your competitors. Closely monitor your industry's trends and allocate funds to bring in experts to correctly train your talent on how to implement these trends into their ongoing campaigns, workflows, and day-to-day efforts. 
  • Go with Gamification. Gamification is the application of game elements in non-game contexts with the goal of increasing employee engagement and productivity. Companies like Google, Formaposte, and Domino's have started to heavily invest in gamification. Why gamification? These businesses realized how effective gamification is when it comes to training their employees on emerging technologies in an engaging way that leads to increased employee adoption and participation. There's now an array of different gamification training strategies you can implement. All you have to do is the necessary  market research, identify the training that fits your company's budget, and help create the tech-savvy workforce you're looking to develop.

Implementing these 4 strategies can help your business develop a workforce that can guarantee your future success, streamline your overall productivity, and even attract and retain Gen Z professionals with the skill sets, experience, and affinity for technology needed to help your business, and older employees, adapt to emerging technologies. If your company is looking to develop a tech-savvy workforce, contact Mondo today. Our experienced recruiters are connected to the Tech and Digital Marketing execs, directors, and managers needed to help you create a workforce that utilizes emerging technologies and boost ROI.