How Respectful Workplace Training Benefits Companies & Employees 

We live now in a remote-based working world where employees call, text, email, slack and ping more than they meet face-to-face — making the need for effective communication between companies and employees more important than it’s ever been.

In order for your business to succeed, you must learn the importance of developing and deploying respectful workplace training to further these new mediums of communication.

Why is respectful workplace training important?

Not sure how training your employees on respecting themselves, each other and customers could yield anything more than a few kudos from the PR world?

Well, if you pass on introducing your teams to respectful workplace training you’ll miss out on retaining more of your in-demand talent for longer, which will then make it challenging for you to market to specific demographics successfully.

Respect in the workplace is connected to more than just your company’s image. According to the Harvard Business Review, incivility will cost your enterprise its productivity, with a recent survey revealing that almost 50% of employees reporting they deliberately reduced their work efforts once they felt disrespected or violated in the workplace.

How do you promote a respectful workplace?

In today’s fast-paced remote world, your business needs to stand out from the competition to attract and retain in-demand talent, but if this talent doesn’t feel respect or appreciation they won’t stick around for long.

Your company will need to develop a respectful workplace training program if you’re looking to keep your tech, IT, and digital marketing teams from becoming disengaged, disrespected, and unmotivated.

Here are some tips that can help your business create an effective respectful workplace training program:

1. Defining respect in the workplace

Before you can even think about creating a successful respectful workplace training, you and your team leads must understand that respect in the workplace is not finite.

As Steven Bladder from the Academy of Management put it, “[I]t can be given to one employee without shortchanging others.”

Before ideating your new training program it’s crucial that everyone involved has a shared definition of respect; you and your employees must think of respect as an endless resource. 

2. Encourage mutual respect in the workplace

When talking about a respectful workplace we have to go back to the saying we’ve all heard before in some form or fashion: respect can only be earned, never commanded or forced.

You will also need to acknowledge that everyone’s roles are connected.

Employees will need leadership and your leaders will need the workforce; acknowledging these interdependent relationships and that everyone is a part of a bigger whole will help instill confidence and trust in your talent, helping them feel respected at work and ready to reciprocate. 

3. Appoint or hire a Chief Diversity Officer

Not sure what a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) is or why this role would be crucial in implementing a respectful workplace training program?

CDOs are the professionals tasked with overseeing company-wide diversity training to curate a work culture where all employees can be productive, respected, and feel safe in their work environments.

CDOs should have the experience and knowledge to identify and implement the respectful workplace training that will be the most beneficial for your business, employees, and bottom line.

Once you hire a CDO to ensure you’re creating an inclusive culture, acknowledge the importance of every employee’s position, and rethink the way you think about respect, you’ll be ready to start drafting your respectful workplace training.

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